The 2012 AvantLink “We’re Thankful For..” List

Thanksgiving Feast

Photo courtesy of “martha_chapa95″ (Flickr, Creative Commons license)

With Thanksgiving less than a day away, we thought it would be a fun idea to get a bit informal on the blog and share some random things we’re thankful for. Below is a list of things AvantLink employees have said they’re grateful for, but we couldn’t start without first saying that we’re incredibly thankful to the absolutely wonderful affiliates and merchants we work with on this network. Without you, AvantLink wouldn’t be where it’s at today, so thanks for your support, trust and participation over the last seven years.

Now, on to the employee list. Avantees say “I’m thankful…

  • …for living in the Wasatch Mountains for the incredible recreation they offer as well as the world class climate for organic gardening.” (Dan O’Connor)
  • …for automatic dishwashers, especially on Thanksgiving.” (Leslie White)
  • …for the What If web comic series from XKCD which help make Tuesday mornings totally awesome.” (Chad Waite)
  • …for a loving & healthy family and the physical ability to express myself in deep powder snow.” (Gary Marcoccia)
  • …that all of my coworkers are such good cooks.” (Sarah Hohman)
  • …for my Columbia coat. Keeps me dry & warm in the Park City snow!” (Jordan Judd)
  • …for Hoka trail running shoes!” (Scott Mason)
  • …that my parents are coming to visit me for the holidays this year.” (Sarah Baldwin)
  • …for snow.” (Nick Bullard)
  • …for pumpkin pie.  And this little pumpkin (see below).” (Brynn Johnson)



Chad Waite is the Marketing Manager for the AvantLink affiliate networks and a lifetime learner of affiliate marketing, seo, and online marketing in general. He can be found on Twitter at @ChadW8.

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