Getting AvantLink’s Blog Caught Up

Just a quick post to mention what’s going to move through this blog over the next couple of weeks. AvantLink has been cranking with the integration of new merchants, in addition to the development and launch of powerful Affiliate tools over the past several months. There are a ton of things we need to get into these blog archives including press releases and new merchant announcements.

Starting with the most recent news and announcements (merchant and press room additions to the site), I’ll be posting entries dating back to Sept 1st or so. I just wanted to make a quick post and clarify why some of the topics in the near future will be about ‘old news’ so to speak in the network.

Have a great day!

Gary & AvantLink


AvantLink is a leading affiliate marketing, multi-channel analytics, referral tracking and technology platform for quality web retailers and savvy publishers. We believe in challenging standard practices and disrupting status quo technology solutions to produce high-performing programs for top merchants and premium publishers.

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