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Oct 24, 2007 4 Comments by launched a unique Affiliate Network in 2005, offering savvy online marketers a secure and efficient environment to promote a specific advertiser segment. This segment utilizes the traditional, cost per sale model of performance-based marketing; and consists of “merchants” offering “product catalogs” or datafeeds. AvantLink is a selective platform where Affiliates and merchants are screened thoroughly to insure professionalism and ethics.

As the industry leader in developing advanced, customizable, deep-linking Affiliate tools, and by offering an exceptional level of support, AvantLink quickly emerged on the radar of the top Affiliate marketers. Have a look at our Affiliate API, one of our most recent tool releases!

What makes AvantLink different from other Affiliate networks?

  1. We are committed to fostering an Affiliate centric and responsive platform.
  2. We run a quality over quantity performance-based marketing network.
  3. We offer a technology suite of free, dynamic tools for qualified Affiliates.
  4. Our network consists of merchants only; no lead generation or CPA offers.
  5. We maintain a parasite-free, ethics-driven and quality controlled environment.

There are two groups of merchants running programs in our network (click here for merchant index). The first group consists of exclusive merchants who use AvantLink as their sole Affiliate marketing provider. The other group is made up of merchants who use AvantLink as an alternate for Affiliates looking for exceptional support and advanced online marketing technology; including ease-of-use datafeeds and Affiliate-embedded RSS feeds.

Why should you, as an Affiliate marketing professional, promote AvantLink merchants?

  1. We pay you a consolidated check for all your merchants on time every month.
  2. We’ll treat you as a partner rather than a commodity.
  3. We’re committed to protecting your legitimate traffic from rogue Affiliates.
  4. Our merchants convert and support their Affiliate programs.
  5. We listen to what you need, then adapt or innovate to meet your needs.

Affiliate Terms of Use:

Affiliate Application:

Thanks to all that have contributed to the growth and sustainability of AvantLink to date, and here’s to a HUGE Q4 2007!!

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions. Drop us a line or comment here on the blog.

Gary & AvantLink


AvantLink is a leading affiliate marketing, multi-channel analytics, referral tracking and technology platform for quality web retailers and savvy publishers. We believe in challenging standard practices and disrupting status quo technology solutions to produce high-performing programs for top merchants and premium publishers.

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  • Jason Mitchell

    Nuff said… I’ve basically given up on any affiliate programs with the other guys (linkshare, performics, cj, etc.) and gone pretty much exclusively with AvantLink. These guys have their schmack together and offer first-class tools to discerning online marketers who are well beyond the basic banner ads (which are pretty much useless anyway). Thanks for building this awesome platform!!!

  • Greg Blasko

    I had all but given up on affiliate marketing until I found AvantLink. Their powerful tools are second to none, making it easy to quickly build multi-merchant product directories and search tools. The affiliate Web site is extremely intuitive and AvantLink’s support team is very helpful and quick to respond when questions arise. I’m glad I have found my way back to the affiliate marketing industry with help from AvantLink!

  • National Outdoors

    I agree… The tools offered by AvantLink are far better than what’s offered by the other guys. I really like the one on one support offered by AvantLink. Gary and team get answers to questions quickly and correctly. I’ve waited weeks for responses from the other guys and their answers were weak. AvantLink’s tools will help your site look professional and give you and number of innovative ways to market to your customers. Also the tools are very easy to configure. If you have your own site or blog, you can easily learn how to get the AvantLink code into your site. AvantLink, please don’t sell out to the big guys, because they are going to want the software you provide.

  • Scott Woodard

    Hands down the best tool set available for affiliates and a team that actually cares when you need assistance. You simply can’t go wrong with AvantLink.