2012 #Pubcon Comprehensive Guide To Cat Memes & Videos

Pubcon Cat Meme Guide

Yes, AvantLink is going to Pubcon next week, and yes, we’re all extremely excited about it.

And as I’m sure most people attending can relate, our AvantLink Twitter feed has been absolutely bombarded with blog posts from fellow attendees with titles like “The 20 Must Haves In Your Pubcon Survivial Kit” or “Great Places To Eat At Pubcon Las Vegas 2012“.

Now, since AvantLink will be going down as total Pubcon newbies, this is all fantastic information for us as first timers. But I’ve also been a bit surprised to find that one of the biggest elements of preparing for a show focused on internet marketing and attended by internet-savvy people has gone completely unnoticed: cats on the web.

So, in order to get the entire AvantLink crew prepped up for the  2012 PubCon show, as well as any one reading this, AvantLink is pleased to present the 2012 Pre-Pubcon Comprehensive Guide To Popular Cat Memes And Videos. This quick guide will give you the need-to-know info on the most popular cat memes of all time and the current up and comers.

Cat Videos: A crowd favorite with no need for explaining.

Awolnation “Sail” Cat Jump Fail: This more recent video is already being labeled as a classic.

Hopeless Watermelon Addict Cat: Everyone needs a good watermelon fix every now and then.

Maru, The Internet’s Most Famous Cat: Where curious and adorable meet. Curoable perhaps?

CatMemes: I don’t always have pets. But when I do, it’s cats.

I can has Cheezburger? This photo is responsible for every Lolcat photo in existence. This, ladies and gentleman, is genesis.

I Can Has Cheezburger?

The original “I Can Haz Cheesburger Cat” found at: http://cheezburger.com/875511040

Play him off, Keyboard Cat: This original video was made into so many spin-offs it’s pretty much impossible to keep count.

Chemistry Cat- Someone’s weird idea of playing dress up with their cat spawned this….

Ion Chemistry Cat

Ion You Chemistry Cat found at http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3oiy6s/

Just Adorably Weird….: Not much more to say besides weird.

Cat Breading: The oddest new trend since sliced bread.

Cat Breading

The weird art of Cat Breading documented at http://breadcats.tumblr.com.

Nyan Cat: Yes, that is a flying cat with a Poptart for a body. And yes, this is indeed the 5th most popular video ever on YouTube.

So there you have it. You’re now ready to attend Pubcon, fully armed with need-to-know information on the world of online cats should the conversation arise. If you’ve found this information to be invaluable and would like to thank us in person, please stop by booth #27 at the Pubcon expo floor and say hi! We’re more than happy to talk about affiliate marketing, attribution and tag management, internet marketing in Canada, and, of course, cat memes.


Chad Waite is the Marketing Manager for the AvantLink affiliate networks and a lifetime learner of affiliate marketing, seo, and online marketing in general. He can be found on Twitter at @ChadW8.

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