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Oct 18, 2013 6 Comments by

It’s been busy week here at AvantLink. Between launching the powerful new Paid Placement Bidding System on Monday and today’s Best Practices for Affiliates webinar, there’s been a lot of information for AvantLink affiliates to digest.

Because of this, we went ahead and recorded today’s webinar and made it available to download for anyone who wasn’t able to make it to the live event and for those who need a refresher down the road.

Download Webinar

Here’s the timeline for the recording:

  • Paid Placement Interface Training: 1:50
  • Determining Paid Placement Ad Sizes: 17:30
  • Strategies For Using Paid Placement Ads: 21:30
  • Determining Minimum Daily Bid Prices: 29:55

The full video is 44 minutes long and the file size is 36.6MB. If you found this webinar helpful, please keep an eye out for our next one. We generally host affiliate training webinars on the third Wednesday of every month and announce the next upcoming webinar on our blog. You can find all previous affiliate webinar training recordings here.


Chad Waite is the Marketing Manager for the AvantLink affiliate networks and a lifetime learner of affiliate marketing, seo, and online marketing in general. He can be found on Twitter at @ChadW8.

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  • Dan Ekenberg

    This new program is brilliant! I think it is one of the most ingenious online marketing tools I’ve seen in years.

    One question…I am a publisher and there are only a small number of advertisers available for some of the industries I represent. How do more advertisers join your program?

    Thanks again!

  • Chad_Waite

    Dan, thanks for the kind words and we’re very glad to hear you’re excited for it.

    As far as new programs go, advertisers must first start by applying to the network here:

    Once they’ve applied, they go through a process by which we make sure they represent a good fit for the network and our publishers based on a number of different criteria. If they meet that criteria we then work with them on getting a program set up through the network.

    We do have a merchant referral program that pays out on any new merchant that goes live in the network that was referred to us by you. Details are here:

  • geargenius

    Chad, love this concept and I can’t wait to give it a try. Now that you have a non-commission payment option, what’s the chance of getting advertisers onto the network that maybe haven’t joined yet due to the commission-based-on-sales platform? Instead of sites that sell K2 skis, what about getting K2 to advertise? Instead of companies trying to set up big, expensive advertising campaigns with online publishers they could cast their net (and their reach) further and for a lot less money by working with some of the smaller, more trusted publishers on the internet. Just a thought.

  • Chad_Waite

    Thanks GearGenius, great to see you’ll be using it shortly!

    While it’s true the initial payment for ad placement on your site is non-commission based, we currently don’t have plans to offer an option that utilizes just that upfront payment option. The upfront placement fees paired with an affiliate ad that can result in typical affiliate commissions from referred sales is what we’re hoping appeals to AvantLink affiliates most :)

  • Tom Payne

    How do the Advertisers know what the outcomes are from their purchase? What data are they able to see afterwards? Stats for each Website where they have purchased an Ad? Can they see any stats about the traffic to the site PRIOR to purchasing?

  • Chad_Waite

    Hey Tom- great questions. Each paid placement has full reporting with it including ad impressions, click throughs and eventually sales that are associated with the ad placement. Just like any other reporting in AvantLink, the reports for paid placements are very robust and offer tons of information and insight into each placement’s performance. For what it’s worth, I would place the most importance on the number of ad impressions that a paid placement generates. Paid placements are more of a practice in brand exposure than anything else.

    As far as website stats go, yes, you can see average daily visits as well as the visits for the last 24 hours for each website your placing a bid on. We certainly don’t want you to start bidding without knowing anything about the affiliate’s site :)