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Here is the low down on the “Where to Buy” widget, AKA the AvantLink Product Content Widget “Product Availability” display. With this nifty tool publishers can configure a dynamically powered display that shows which of your merchants carry any given product.

For example let’s say you have an existing content page (or pages) featuring specific outdoor gear or electronics that several stores carry. Instead of giving your site users one option to buy (from one store), with the “Product Availability” widget you can give them many options. So long as you’re active as a publisher for the merchant in AvantLink, you can configure this tool to automatically display merchant logo, buy link, current price and more. Check out the example here.

This has proven to be especially potent for brands/manufacturers that have yet to build an ecommerce store to go direct-to-consumer. There are several brands generating significant revenue as a publisher on AvantLink using this functionality. Take a look at the snippet and digital flyer below posted on GeekArm.

Attention brands/manufacturers: AvantLink has an alternative option for going direct-to-consumer with an expensive ecommerce system. Join AvantLink as a publisher, and through the use of existing network functionality, you can partner with your retail vendors to drive customers their way…instead of competing with them.

Options include placing a “Where to Buy” widget on your site’s product information pages that displays links to stores who carry your products (as long as the merchant is offering their Affiliate program through AvantLink).

Create brand loyalty by referring customers to your retail partners while increasing revenue! If your retail partners are not already part of the AvantLink network, refer them and earn a commission for that as well. See the flyer below, and contact AvantLink if you would like more information.

If you would like more information on the AvantLink “Where to Buy” product availability widget drop us a line.


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