Third Party Tool Profile: AvantLinker Drupal Module

AvantLinker for Drupal

Heads up all you affiliates who use Drupal, this post is for you! Recently AvantLink has made an effort to certify third party affiliate marketing tools that can be used with our network. Today, we’re adding another tool to that list! The AvantLinker Drupal module brings all of the functionality of the AvantLink WordPress plugin to those of you using Drupal. Here’s what the AvantLinker description page says:

This project is for affiliates of the AvantLink Affiliate Network. It’s purpose is to give the same functionality as the AvantLink WordPress Add-on developed by AvantLink. The three areas of utility are:

  • Affiliate Link Encoder (ALE) which inserts a small amount of JavaScript on the page which allows merchant links to automaticly be rendered as affiliate links. This assumes that the affiliate has a relationship with the merchant.
  • Product Search allows the display of a little search form that will yield links, thumbnail images, and product descriptions for the products found. You will get a listing representing products from all the merchants you have signed up with.
  • Related Products allows you to pick keywords that when found in your text will produce a “related products” ad in your sidebar.

Whoa! Not too shabby considering this tool is completely free and has been verified by us to track properly. The AvantLinker module is live and available right now through  Major props to John Powell for the work on this absolutely stellar project.


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