Coupilia Live at AvantLink


We are pleased to announce that Coupilia is now fully integrated at AvantLink!

Coupilia maintains an XML coupon feed helping nearly 4500 merchants distribute promotional data to their affiliates. Their technology significantly reduces the time it takes to upload promotions to an affiliate’s website. Coupilia can distribute thousands of offers in seconds vs. the traditional “cutting and pasting” of promotional data delivered via merchant newsletter. Coupilia minimizes time consuming data entry tasks and allows affiliates to focus on growing their business and increasing merchant sales.

Requirements: Publishers must be able to understand XML technologies and be able to consume an XML feed.

Platforms: Coupilia offers two unique platforms.

  1. Subscription: All XML subscription affiliates must have established merchant relationships and use their own affiliate ids before they can generate commissions using the data supplied in our feed.
  2. Sub-Affiliate Network: Coupilia works with a select group of rev share partners, all vetted by the network, to provide coupon data and merchant relationships.

Please reach out to Coupilia directly if you have additional questions before signing up to use their service.


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