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Time for another App Market Tool Profile!  All tools mentioned in these posts are dynamic, new and entirely exclusive through the AvantLink App Market!

The AdRotatorPlus Affiliate Marketing Tool from the AvantLink App MarketThe AdRotatorPlus tool by AfflResources gives affiliates a very easy way to select any and all banner ads they’d like to advertise on their site and build a widget to randomly display a new one each time the page is loaded! Say goodbye to the days of static banner ads!

AdRotatorPlus lets affiliates build a widget that displays one or more pre-selected banner advertisements from multiple merchants. Affiliates can customize their widget and specify how many rows, columns and ads they’d like to display. The picture to the left is an example of what the tool looks like with a 2×2 row & column set up with banner ads from several different merchants. Because more than four banner ads were added to this AdRotatorPlus widget, each time the page was refreshed new banner ads would be displayed!

Pretty cool, eh? We think so!

The set up is very easy and straightforward. Start by customizing the settings on your widget and decide how many and which ads you’d like the widget to display (all ads must be the same size). After you’ve configured things to your liking, simply add a one-line snippet of Javascript to your site and you’ve got yourself an incredibly functional ad rotator.

This is a really powerful new way to display what has become the most quintessential tool of the affiliate marketing industry. The AdRotatorPlus tool  is available right now through the AvantLink App Market, so start mixing up the way you display your banner ads!

The configuration and setup screen of the AdRotatorPlus tool from the Avant Link App Market


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