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AvantLink Affiliate Training Webinar Series

If you missed the February AvantLink affiliate training webinar on Wednesday, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The entire webinar was recorded and is available for you to download (74.6 MB) and watch anytime you can. Handy, right?

The first half of the webinar focused on the affiliate account interface on AvantLink and touched on all the crucial elements you need to be aware of as an affiliate. The second half reviewed the Product Content Widget, an advanced tool that has powerful results for any affiliate who mentions specific products or brands on their site (see the photo below).

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A couple things to note:

  • The account interface overview makes up the first 18 minutes of the webinar. If you’d like to skip directly to the tool overview, go to the 18:40 mark in the video.
  • When looking at the Product Content Widget, we looked at two ways to implement a specific build of the tool. One way was to manually configure the search term that the tool looks to return results for, in this case it was “Merrell Moab Ventilator”. You can see the live example of this exact tool used in the webinar by going to
  • The second implementation of the tool bypassed the manual configuration of the product name and instead used a bit of Javascript to dynamically pull in the names of products you’d like the Product Content Widget to return results for. In this webinar we looked at pulling in the name “North Face Hedgehog”, which was another hiking shoe. Unfortunately, in the webinar I wasn’t able to get my Javascript code to work correctly (I was inadvertently capitalizing the “G” in “get”) so you don’t see a live example in the recording. But a live example of the Product Content Widget utilizing this handy dynamic Javascript can be found at The correct snippet of Javascript that should have been used was:

    Keep in mind that when using this Javascript option you must assign whatever product name you’d like to be pulled in by the Javascript in a specific ID tag with an attribute name. In this example’s case, the name “North Face Hedgehog” was surrounded by <span id=”product”> North Face Hedgehog</span>.

Hopefully these webinars and strategy sessions are valuable to you as an affiliate. If there is every any feedback you have or a tool you would like to see covered in these webinars, please let us know in the comments below.

AvantLink Product Content Widget Example


Chad Waite is the Marketing Manager for the AvantLink affiliate networks and a lifetime learner of affiliate marketing, seo, and online marketing in general. He can be found on Twitter at @ChadW8.

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