Merchant Newsletter Vol 1, Issue 3

AvantLink Newsletter September 22, 2009 Vol 1, Issue 3 Merchant Newsletter Now that summer is behind us it’s time to start focusing on Q4, and the busy holiday shopping season that’s quickly approaching. From now through the end of 2009,

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AvantShare 101

Merchants, we offer a communication¬† channel that allows you to reach beyond your existing Affiliates. Have a look at our company blog at Although the network email tool is effective, functional and easy to use…it’s only reaching your existing

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Optimize Your Existing Affiliates

Merchants, you may have noticed we have been publishing a series of program management tips recently. This is not a coincidence. With the quickly approaching 4th quarter and holiday shopping season, now is the time to start getting your Affiliate

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Management Tools Review Sessions

Attention Merchants: Be exceptionally prepared for Q4 and the busy holiday shopping season by signing up for one of three free sessions designed to help you take full advantage of the Affiliate management, organization and communication tools available in AvantLink.

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Trademark Bid Monitoring Service Available

For the last five or six weeks we have been developing a tool that offers merchants the ability to monitor specific keywords/phrases Affiliates are using in paid search marketing campaigns. The Paid Search Review tool is available in the Notification

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Merchant (Self-Managed) Deal Feed

Sometimes we nail a good way to explain some of our tools and Affiliate technology while emailing folks during the course of the work day. So we thought why not start adding good Q&A’s/excerpts to the blog. So here’s our

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Promote YOUR RSS Feeds

Affiliates, did you know that in addition to publishing promotional-related (dynamically updated) content on your sites, you can also promote RSS subscriptions to those feeds? Think about that for a second. If you’re site visitors subscribe to one of these

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