New Merchant: Men Essentials

Canadian elements can be tough on a face. That’s why MenEssentials is dedicated to providing Canadian men the best in classic shaving, men’s grooming, skin care and lifestyle products. Their products are designed just for men. From unique shaving products, specialty razors, slim wallets, men’s hair care, aftershave and cologne, MenEssentials has everything to make you “Look and Feel Awesome”.

For more details and to apply to the Men Essentials affiliate program click here. 

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AvantLink ‘Best Of 2015′ Awards Presented At AvantExpo, Here Are The Winners

2015 AvantLink 'Best Of' Awards

2015 AvantLink ‘Best Of’ Awards presented at AvantExpo 2015

As AvantExpo 2015 began to wind down in beautiful Park City, Utah, the conference concluded with the now traditional “AvantLink Best Of” award ceremony that recognizes the most innovative and productive individuals and companies in the affiliate industry. Started in 2014, the Best Of Awards take into account performance, dedication, and ethical commitment in the affiliate channel. Here are the winners for 2015:

1. Affiliate Of The Year- Active Junky

The ‘Affiliate Of The Year’ award was given to Active Junky, a repeat winner from 2014 and an affiliate who once again demonstrated hard to believe year-over-year growth, technical proficiency with datafeeds,  and an unmatched ability to gain and build visitor loyalty and community.

2. Content Affiliate Of The Year- The Good Ride

The newcomer to the lineup of recognitions was the ‘Content Affiliate Of The Year’ award, looking to recognize exceptional affiliates with a core emphasis on high-value written and visual content. With the incredible success and growth of the last year aside, The Good Ride has perfected a blend of technical know-how and top notch, regularly produced, and highly engaging review content. In other words, The Good Ride embodies everything an merchant would want in their perfect, ideal affiliate.

3. Merchant of the Year- REI

Another repeat winner, REI took home ‘Merchant Of The Year’ award after a truly astonishing year of growth in AvantLink and a management style that has yielded hyper-loyalty and productivity with their affiliates. Pair that with a seamless move to program exclusivity with AvantLink, and it’s clear that REI have and always will put their affiliates first.

4. Affiliate Manager of the Year- Wade Tonkin (Fanatics)

For any industry veterans reading this, the ‘Merchant of the Year’ award going to Wade Tonkin doesn’t come as a surprise. Wade’s long track record of experience in the industry combined with highly effective and unique approaches to affiliate recruitment and activation has helped the Fanatics program in AvantLink achieve near mythological growth that’s almost hard to take seriously.

5. Agency of the Year- Clique Affiliate Marketing

With sales for the year at nearly 200% more than that of the next highest ranking agency in the AvantLink, Clique Affiliate Marketing has dominated the program management space with an in-depth understanding of AvantLink technology, rapid and effective implementation strategies, and a focus on quality over quantity. Add those together and you get the ‘Agency of the Year’.

6. Industry Champion Award- JEB Commerce

The ‘Industry Champion’ award goes to a merchant, affiliate, or agency that has a proven track record of doing all that’s possible to make affiliate marketing a better channel in all of their their day-to-day operations. With a focus on understanding actionable attribution, brilliant in-house tools that help new merchants integrate quickly with networks, and high-value external affiliate recruitment strategies, JEB Commerce continually sets the bar on just how much of a positive effect agencies can have in the industry.

7. Innovation Award- Justin Ball (Snap tools)

As AvantLink moves more towards being a platform for development and curation of incredible ideas from third party developers, the ‘Innovation Award’ seeks to recognize those at the forefront of bringing these amazing ideas to life. Over the past year, Justin Ball has flooded the AvantLink App Market with ingenious, out-of-the-box, and high-value marketing tools for affiliates (they’re free too!), including the SnapVisi and SnapDealist. Justin’s tools have changed the way affiliate use photos in content, generate custom links, and much more, yielding a hugely positive and far reaching impact in the affiliate space.

Congrats to all of this year’s ‘Best Of’ award winners and thank you for all of the amazing work you do every day to make the affiliate channel a better and more productive place. We’re very excited to see what the next year holds for our winners.

Active Junky wins Affiliate Of The Year

Mack Clark and Tommy Joyce accept the 2015 AvantLink Affiliate Of The Year award on behalf of Active Junky

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New Exclusive Merchant: Fit Four

Fit Four is passionate! Passionate about fitness. Passionate about life. Passionate about providing everyone from the weekend warrior to the elite Cross Training athlete, a way to kick some serious trash without chewing up their hands.  Fit Four crafts innovative, purpose-specific hand protection for Cross Training enthusiasts and hardcore athletes alike.

Affiliates who are a particularly good fit for Fit Four include those who have sites about sports, training for fitness, shopping, fashion, apparel, shoes, as well as related blogs.

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New Merchants

New Exclusive Merchant: Hardball Fans

Hardball Fans, a division of Softball Fans, Inc. is a distributor of baseball equipment, apparel and footwear.

What makes them different is everyone at Hardball Fans plays and knows the game.  With different associations having different rules and high end products being made with various materials it can be confusing. They pride themselves on knowing the answers to all of your pertinent questions and leaving you satisfied with your experience.

They also know how important that new bat or glove is to you. They process every order possible, the same day and get it right, so you’re ready to perform! They are located in the mid-west so every order throughout the United States is delivered in under one week no matter where you are. They also ship worldwide so if you play the game, they can help you get the product you need.

For more details and to apply to the exclusive Hardball Fans affiliate program click here.

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New Merchants

New Exclusive Merchant: Softball Fans

Softball Fans is a distributor of baseball and softball equipment, apparel and footwear.  They are also one of the most efficient companies when it comes to delivering your product to you. They know how important that new bat or new glove is to you. They process every order possible, the same day and get it in route to you and get it right.  So when you get it you are ready to perform! They are located in the midwest so every order throughout the United States is delivered in under one week no matter where you are. They also ship worldwide so if you play the game, they can help get the product you need in your hands.

For more details and to apply to the exclusive Softball Fans affiliate program click here.


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New Merchants

New Exclusive Merchant: Upland Gifts

Upland Gifts was created to take the pressure off buying gifts for the outdoor lover in your life.  They spend countless hours researching and hand­picking only the best and most useful items for gifts that any outdoors-man will love.  Fisherman, hiker, boater, hunter, camper, survivalist, and even the guy who just wants to take the afternoon off and enjoy the afternoon breeze in a hammock…they have something for everybody.

So relax and let Upland Gifts help you put the fun back in gift giving.

For more details and to apply to the exclusive Upland Gifts affiliate program click here.

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New Merchants

New Exclusive Merchant: Knife Hog

Are you a weekend warrior or a respected member of law enforcement or the military? Do you camp, hunt or fish? Or maybe you’re a collector or a hard-working blue collar type that loves a good multi-tool. You may be everything described above or just need a good ol’ pocket knife for dad. With over 6000 items whatever your interest is, Knife Hog has something for you.

They’ve spent years researching products so that they can bring you a huge variety of cutting edge (sorry) knives and tools to help you with any task you might face. This isn’t off-brand stuff. They have the brands you know and trust: Spyderco, Buck, Benchmade, KA-BAR, SOG, Gerber, CRKT, Cold Steel, Boker, Condor and more.

For more details and to apply to the Exclusive AvantLink Knife Hog Affiliate program click here.

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New Merchants

New Exclusive Merchant: Tinggly Gifts

At Tinggly they have collected the world’s best experiences in one gift package and would like to offer you an opportunity to earn by spreading the word about them.  A Tinggly gift has hundreds of experiences in more than 80+ countries worldwide and counting, they are adding new experiences daily. The beauty of Tinggly is that you do not create an obligation when giving a Tinggly gift; because it is location independent, a gift recipient can choose any experience worldwide. By giving a Tinggly gift you give the freedom of choice. And yes, it comes in a luxury box. They believe that giving experiences makes the perfect gift!

Forget things – they’re talking once-in-a-lifetime experiences. They don’t believe in physical clutter, only experiences that you can feel and remember. They are on mission to change gift giving culture! So join this revolution!

For more details and to apply to the exclusive Tinggly affiliate program click here.

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New Merchants

New Exclusive Merchant: Got Your Gear

Got Your Gear was established in 2000. They offer a wide array of gear from some of the greatest brands in the world. Their goal is to help customers live their motto which is “Live Outside”. If you Hike, Climb, Camp, Ride or Trek Got Your Gear has the gear that you need.

Click here for more details and to apply today.

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New Merchants

New Merchant: Ergobaby

Start making money by promoting THE top brand in baby carriers that has been rapidly growing its store by including quality baby products parents can rely on.

Ergobaby revolutionized how we carry babies back in 2002. The soft structured carrier (SSC) design has become the gold standard. Ergobaby carriers give you the freedom to enjoy life’s big and small adventures, all while keeping baby close. Ergobaby Carriers are ergonomically designed to cradle your baby in a natural sitting position and to evenly distribute baby’s weight between your hips and shoulders. Ergobaby Carriers are the ultimate in comfort and ergonomics, allowing you to carry your baby from those early days to toddler (12-45 lbs).*

With over 30 carriers in four different categories — Original, Organic, Performance and Four Position 360 —plus a hybrid wrap and swaddler for newborns, Ergobaby is a leading, premium baby consumer products company that creates innovative solutions to meet the needs of today‘s parents.

Built for comfort and ergonomics, the Ergobaby carriers are highly recommended in parenting communities and by mommy blogs not to mention the celebrities that are so often seen using them.

To find out more details and to apply click here today.


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